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Linen Hand Woven Printed Saree

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    Wash Care
  • Do not give handwoven sarees for machine wash
  • Soak your handwoven saree in salt water for about 15 minutes Invest in a good quality detergent
  • Wash the salt water thoroughly and then dip it in detergent water for a short while
  • Do not leave the saree in the detergent water for long, wash it off quickly
  • Do not wring them to squeeze water out, as it might crease it irreversibly
  • Do not use a brush, even in case of stains
    Drying Handwoven Saree
  • Avoid drying it under direct sunlight by all means
  • Dry your delicate handwoven saree in an area that has a partial shade
    Ironing a Handwoven Saree

  • Do not spray water before ironing these sarees, as they can leave stains
  • Wrap the handwoven saree in a towel before ironing
  • Set the temperature of your iron to mild, as high heat can damage these sarees
    Storing a Handwoven Saree
  • Do not gather or pile up handwoven sarees
  • Make sure that your saree is completely dry before storing it
  • Fold neatly and store it inside a cotton or muslin bag
  • You might use neem leaves in the middle of its folds as they serve as a pest repellent
Saree Fabric:
| Linen Hand Woven Onlykhadi
Saree Color:
| Maroon
Saree Length:
| 6.50 Metres (Including Blouse)
| Unstiched
Blouse Length:
| 0.90 Metres
Occassion:-Fit For Every Occasion

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